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Capitol LDA services since 1989

"Discourage litigation, persuade your adversary to compromise whenever you can ... There will be business enough for lawyers." 

~ Abraham Lincoln, 1850

Capitol LDA Services (formerly Capitol Paralegal Services) is dedicated to helping Sacramento individuals avoid the high stress and high cost of hiring attorneys to assist in uncontested legal matters. While attorneys certainly have their place, it may not be necessary to pay 100's of dollars an hour to accomplish straightforward legal matters.

Sacramento divorce help

We believe that most everyone, even under the stress of a divorce and separation, can find a way to agree on how to raise their own children, work out sensibly thought out child custody arrangements, and divide their own property without spending thousands of dollars to do it.

Sacramento legal document assistant (LDA)

Capitol LDA prepares legal documents for non-lawyers in their own legal actions. We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. Your communications with us are kept confidential by us, but, since we are not lawyers, such communications are not privileged (i.e. immune from Subpoena). If your issues are complex, we can recommend appropriate legal counsel if desired.

Capitol LDA is a Registered and Bonded Legal Document Assistance Company. Our mission is to provide professional low cost legal forms and document preparation assistance to Sacramento, and California, Consumers. Capitol LDA Services also provides support services to licensed California Attorneys.

(Authority cited: Section 6410, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 6401,6402,6405,6408,6409,6410,6411, BPC.)