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If you need to modify your child custody arrangements, lower or increase child and spousal support payments, we can help you at a fraction of the cost of high priced attorneys.

Modifications & parental rights laws

Rarely does life go in a straight line. Once a divorce has been finalized and the parties have reached an agreement with regard to the child custody or child visitation scheduling, things change. Children get older, people move, needs of the children change, etc. This also holds true with child support. As the child custody and visitation schedule change, so can the need for support. The best way to accommodate those changes is by drafting an agreement and filing it with the court so that it becomes a court order. Having someone on your side who understands parental right laws is important to finding a fair and equitable solution.

Spousal support (Alimony)

This is also true when in comes to spousal support (alimony). Changes that the parties agree to should be memorialized in writing and that document should be filed with the court for the reasons discussed above. Without that court ordered change, the paying party could be liable for the payments ordered in the original hearing. If the parties want, or need, a change, get a stipulation drafted and file it with the court.

Capitol LDA routinely drafts and files such documents at a fraction of the cost at our Sacramento office, and no courtroom appearance is necessary!